Friday, August 29, 2014

Construction Update

As you all know, construction is well underway at the school.  We are experiencing forward progress on a daily basis which is a good thing.  With any construction there are always barriers to overcome.  We have experienced several barriers but I am happy to report that our construction management company has done an exceptional job ensuring each barrier was met with resiliency and effectiveness. 

In terms of the schedule of the project, we are still right on track.  The classrooms, dishwasher room, restrooms, concession stand, and parts of the kitchen will be completed by mid October.  The full kitchen and cafeteria should be completed by the end of November.  The administrative offices are scheduled to be done by the end of December or beginning of January.  All dates are subject to change pending weather and other circumstances.  With that said, we are pleased with the overall project and timeline.

Below is a video that has some photographs of the work being completed.  I will try to outline some of the photos below.

Photo 1 = Removal of the Curtailment Fuel Tank
Photo 2 = Demolition of the Administrative Offices
Photo 3 = Demolition of the Administrative Offices
Photo 4 = Demolition of the Administrative Offices
Photo 5 = Demolition of the Administrative Offices
Photo 6 = Demolition of the Administrative Offices
Photo 7 = Demolition of the Former Concession Stand
Photo 8 = Demolition of the Administrative Offices
Photo 9 = Demolition of the Administrative Offices
Photo 10 = Demolition of the Administrative Offices
Photo 11 = Demolition of the Administrative Offices
Photo 12 = Demolition of the Cafeteria (Correct Drainage Issues)
Photo 13 = Demolition of the Cafeteria (Correct Drainage Issues)
Photo 14 = New Flooring
Photo 15 = New Flooring
Photo 16 = Footings for Addition
Photo 17 = Footings for Addition
Photo 18 = Footings for Addition

I hope you enjoyed the video.  If you have any questions, please contact me directly.

Introducing New Teachers!

Each school year districts welcome new teaching staff members aboard.  This year is no different than any other year for the Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton School District as we welcome seven new teachers on staff.

Stephanie Mattson will be teaching third grade for us this school year.  She was hired in the early spring to replace Liz Winters who accepted the Title I Position.  Stephanie comes to us from Lake City where she spent five years teaching 5th grade.

Layce Johnson is one of two new special education teachers for our district.  She is a recent graduate of Northwestern College in Orange City, IA.  Layce is originally from the state of California but seems to appreciate and enjoy the midwest!

Christine Manteufel is the second of two new special education teachers hired in our district this year.  She holds several special education licenses.  Christine lives in St. Peter, MN and spent time substituting in a variety of school districts.

Amy Friedrichs was hired this year to replace Lynn Gostomczik as a 7-12 Language Arts instructor.  Amy is originally from the metro area and seems to be adjusting well to rural MN.  She attended Minnesota State University, Mankato and has worked as a long-term substitute.

Nicole Olsen is also a recent graduate of Minnesota State University, Mankato.  Nicole replaced Darcy Reed as our new high school counselor.  She is off to a running start trying to get a grasp on all the workings of the high school counselor along with District Assessment Coordinator responsibilities.

Penny Hage joins us from the Faribault Public School District as our new Media Center Specialist.  Penny has great knowledge of media and technology.  She is excited to begin transitioning our media center to a 21st century facility.

Aimee Miller is a familiar face to many of you as she lives in Janesville and spent last school year in our preschool classroom.  Aimee is excited to be our new 4th grade teacher.  She replaces Sandy Wiste who accepted a position in the Mankato Area Public School District.

We are very fortunate and excited to welcome these new members to our team!  Please congratulate and welcome them when you see them.

School Linked Mental Health

This school year the Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton School District has been selected to participate in a School Linked Mental Health Services Program (SLMH).  SLMH services will be a great addition to our school district for those students and families that are in need of such services.  We are fortunate to announce that this program will be funded through a grant!

Counseling Services of Southern Minnesota is partnering with our school district to make high quality mental health services available to any student in pre-school through senior high school.

Goals of the Program:

SLMH is committed to providing holistic assessment of the child's strengths, needs, stage of development, relationship with caregivers and emotional/behavioral barriers to reaching academic, social, and developmental potentials.

SLMH strives to provide therapeutic interventions that promote the student's academic, emotional and social development.

SLMH will work collaboratively with other service providers to coordinate care and maximize support for the student and their family.
Services Provided: 
  • Pre-intake sessions with parents/guardians
  • Diagnostic assessment
  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy 
  • Skills counselor-practice skills in school/home
  • Family skills counseling with student/caregivers
  • Therapist can attend team meetings
  • Therapist can engage in care coordination with other providers
  • Therapist can provide consultation to include parents, teachers, counselors, and social workers
Treatment Team:

The team is made up of masters and doctorate level clinicians including psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists and professional counselors.  


If you have any further questions, please contact me directly.